At Widow to Widow we enrich each other while experiencing encouragement, friendship, hope and God’s love.

Widow to widow communities are compassionate, caring groups for widows of all ages, cultures, faiths and backgrounds. We provide a place where women who have experienced the loss of their husband connect, form friendships, and move forward.

W2W communities help widows realize that they are not alone on this unwanted journey.

Whether your loss was recent or a few years ago, there is a place for you at W2W.

ABOUT widow to widow support groups

W2W’s Foundational Pillars


W2W is a safe meeting environment

where widows experience acceptance and belonging.


W2W is a social environment

where widows form friendships and engage in a variety of activities.


W2W is a supportive environment

where widows encourage and mentor each other as we redefine our identity.


W2W is a spiritual environment

where widows have an opportunity to experience a relationship with Jesus.


W2W is a caring environment

where widows have an opportunity to serve.

Our Affiliation

Know Our Ministries

Widow to Widow is part of Connecting Streams. Connecting Streams belongs to the Power to Change family of ministries who serve in different areas with one common purpose: to help people know Jesus and experience His power to change the world. Read our shared Statement of Faith.