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Widow to widow is a support group for widows of all ages, cultures, faiths, and backgrounds. 

We provide a safe informal social environment where widows can discuss their personal challenges and concerns of widowhood. They can safely share their individual stories of life, living, and loss. Through the recovery journey, widows experience emotional and spiritual healing. 

As a widow, what can you expect from W2W?

• Friendship Opportunities
• Monthly Meetings (inspirational speakers) • Social Outings
• Weekly Grief Support Group
• Christmas Festive Banquet
• Spring Weekend Getaway

It is our hope and prayer that your experience with W2W will encourage you to transition through the overwhelming realities of bereavement and loss and to move forward into a positive fulfilling future. 

Mission Statement: At Widow to Widow, we enrich each other while experiencing encouragement, friendships, hope and the love of God.

Has your husband passed away?

Are you experiencing grief and loneliness?

Do you long for connection, companionship, and community?

Would you like to connect with widows experiencing similar circumstances?  

If your answer is YES, then Widow to Widow (W2W) is the right support group for you. Allow W2W to support you through this unexpected, unwelcome, and unfamiliar season in your life journey. It is our honour and privilege to support and encourage you through this stressful and sensitive season of grief and loss. Learn more about W2W's foundational pillars. 

“As a young widow, I appreciate having a group where I belong”
— Julie
“I realize others are going through similar circumstances and I don’t have to go through this alone”
— Grace
“I now have more friends than I ever had ”
— Donna

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